"An Approach to Successful Stock Trading Combining Company Fundamentals with Chart Technicals"
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What to Expect for Your $25

The TripleScreenMethod.com homepage highlights the forecast record, as well as provides sample page information.


The TSM Daily Report  provides the following:

1. Monday--a weekly list comprised of stocks (~150) that hold membership on at least one of 150 fundamental screens; stocks that meet strong fundamental criteria.

2. Mon-Fri--each morning, a listing of stocks that I'll be watching for trades, most from a subset of the above called the TSM 'Best of the Best' stocks (~30).

3. Mon-Fri--each morning, a list of naked Put options (and bull Put spreads) available from the current TSM stock list are identified that can be written to provide income (>18% annualized yield) and 10% downside protection.

4. Mon-Fri--TSM stocks meeting technical criteria are identified: new 52 week highs, those up on significantly increased volume, those signaling Point & Figure Breakouts, as well as those pulling back to the support of their major moving averages (21 day exponential, 50 day, and 200 day).


5. Articles on hedging, market health, and trading lessons.


6. Several times during the day, I add my current trades that day, shortly after I've made them. Too, I provide a complete list of my holding each week.