"An Approach to Successful Stock Trading Combining Company Fundamentals with Chart Technicals"
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The TripleScreenMethod.com homepage highlights the forecast record over the past 29

quarters, as well as provides sample page information.


TSM provides the following:

1. Monday--a weekly list comprised of stocks that hold membership on at least two of 28

fundamental screens and a value analysis based on the next two years of PEG ratios (from

50 to 100 stocks on any given week);

2. Mon-Fri--nightly, at least one (sometimes more) TSM pick(s) from the above list that is in

pullback and ready to rebound higher, each with a profit and stop-loss criteria; 4th quarter, 2010, 97 positions were forecast and closed for 87 winners and 115.66 points;

3. Mon-Fri.--nightly, a list of naked Put options available from the TSM stock list are identified that can be written to provide income (>18% annualized yield) and 10% downside protection; currently, 187 Puts have been forecast with with 159 winners earning $44,914 in premium based on 10 contract positions; forecast positions are identified in real time through twitter (twitter.com/TSM_rm) which only members have access to;

4. Various articles detailing strategies for day trading, for utilizing the market's statistically sound cycles, for deploying money at higher rates of return, for portfolio diversification and for the performance of technical indicators as they relate to fundamentally sound stocks. (see articles at http://www.tradingmarkets.com/.site/stocks/contributors/?contributor=Richard%20Miller).